As they settle into the school year, we celebrate our Camden Catholic scholars.

On Friday, November 3rd, Camden Catholic High School hosted their annual breakfast for scholarship recipients. This event allows students and donors to get acquainted (often reacquainted) and learn more about each other.

Pictured above are this year’s Joseph Fund Scholars, on scholarship through the generous donation of the Procacci family and supported by many other Joseph Fund supporters.

From left to right, here’s a little bit about each rising star.


Marbelys Senior

Marbelys is a confident and extremely kind young lady. When not studying at school, she spends time at home watching her two sisters, watching movies, and going out with friends. She and her family recently moved from Camden to Stratford, which put a big smile on her face because she no longer needs to “share a room with my sisters.” She is currently looking for a part-time job in the retail space and loves her classmates and teachers at Camden Catholic.

Amanda Senior

Amanda is nothing short of amazing. She lights up the room, and with Axel by her side, they are the “conductors” of the table. Amanda is a graduate of St. Joe’s Pro Cathedral and remembers Father Bob fondly. “He was really kind and every kid wanted to be around him. I was really sad when I learned of his passing and am really proud to be a part of the Joseph Fund program.” Amanda has a sibling in 8th grade who she hopes will also attend Camden Catholic. She currently works at a retail clothing store after school and hopes to attend either Rowan University or Rutgers.

Axel Senior

Axel is one of those kids that everyone gravitates to. With an “old soul” personality, his kindness and warmth are some of his strongest attributes and can be felt instantly when he smiles. Axel is one of four in his family, and he stays quite busy when not studying at school. In addition to being a host at a popular restaurant, Axel is a member of the E-Sports team where he competes against other schools. He also immerses himself in the Asian Culture Club as a way of learning more about a different culture.

Armani Senior

Armani shares his world with five siblings and enjoys spending time with each one of them. After school, when he’s not supporting the CC basketball team as the assistant manager, he’s making sure his baby sister and baby brother are being cared for. As a junior, he participated in Camden Catholic’s LepreCon Club, a social club that helps organize events. Armani also enjoys spending time with his two closest friends, Axel and Amanda.

Juan Sophomore

When not catching up with his siblings, Juan likes to work out and is a big fan and participant of boxing. He is a first year Joseph Fund Scholar but is the recipient of two individual scholarships. Academically, he is doing great and looks forward to getting to know more students at Camden Catholic.

Adrianna Freshman

With three siblings, including a recent Camden Catholic graduate and a current Camden Catholic senior, Adrianna is sure to set the world on fire. With an amazing personality coupled with an outgoing and full-of-life attitude, Adrianna’s future is bright and we’re proud to be a part of it.