The Joseph Fund

“Education was always at the center of everything for my parents.They saw it as the greatest route to opportunity. It definitely has been for me. Maybe not in the way they envisioned it, good grades and homework, but in a more comprehensive way. Through the intersections of networks and programs within structured environments…Thank You Joseph Fund”

Michelle Obassi, One of the First Joseph Fund Scholars

Who We Are

The Joseph Fund was originally created as a fundraising cooperative, with a professional staff, dedicated to investing our supporters’ resources in the most efficient, effective and productive ways to achieve our defined mission. Today the Joseph Fund has a single purpose – to provide opportunities for children in Camden to have access to high-quality education.

The Fund Board serves a critical role in extending awareness of our mission and connecting like-minded individuals under our mission and vision. In doing so, we bring together individuals from the Greater Philadlephia Region who are passionate about helping families in Camden provide their children with amazing educational opportunities.

Members of The Joseph Fund community believe in providing a hand up by partnering with families who are equally invested in the educational future of their children. We do not provide a hand out. Our scholarships and assistance are provided to those families who also share in expense of the tuition of their children.

Our Mission

To Transform lives through education.


Our Vision

To end the cycle of generational poverty by providing educational opportunities.

Our Value

We co-invest with families who are committed to quality education.

Our History

The Joseph Fund was formally established in 2012 as a way to fund six different ministries, all of which exist today. Below is a timeline of how our organization got to where it is today – an organization solely focused on advancing educational opportunities for children in Camden through scholarship and tuition assistance. 

St. Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral Elementary School Opens

Child Development Center Established.

Monsignor Robert McDermott “Father Bob” Returns to Childhood Parish to Serve as Pastor

To Combat Challenges Facing Camden, Six Ministries Established under Father Bob’s Direction

The Joseph Fund, Inc., is Established as Funding Arm of Six Ministries

With its Original Six Ministries Fully Established, The Joseph Fund Focuses Solely on Funding Educational Opportunities for Camden Youth

The Joseph Fund Launches its First Summer Program aimed at Pre-K and Kindergarten Students

Why The Joseph Fund

Community Impact

It is our duty to help our neighbors who need it most. In doing so, all communities will rise.

History of Success
We have successfully enriched the lives of over 1,300 families.
A Solid Foundation
We are a highly regarded Foundation with strong fiscal management and highly skilled professionals
Targeted Philanthropy
We support quality, safe, and private educational institutions.
Pictured here Erianny, a 2021 Joseph Fund Scholar