a message from
our founder

Dear Friends

The story of the St. Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral Ministries is about success. It is an exciting story despite the reputation and often harsh realities of the city of Camden. There are personal stories of achievement, triumph over adversity and goodwill toward others. There have been many blessings for those we’ve helped, just as we are blessed to be able to help.

For me personally, my nearly 30 years as Pastor of St. Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral have opened my eyes and heart to the glory of God found in the poor and the not so poor, in the givers and receivers, in the young and the old, in many cultures.

We invite you to witness the impact of the work, imagination, creativity, generosity and faith of so many people. We have over 75 dedicated staff members who work to help others experience a transformation in their lives – a talented team of committed people devoted to the successful programs and ministries they lead and support.

Together we have formed a “covenant” to invite the children, their families, the homeless, the needy, youth in need of guidance and young adults seeking inspiration, to experience the fullness of the blessings of life – to find opportunity, to have hope, to succeed. Our mission is to help them to know they have options and to help them experience the transformation into the fullness of life in God’s Kingdom here on earth.

We invite you to join us and the people of Camden on this journey. We invite you into this covenant. Become a partner with us – invest with us in the lives of the people of Camden. We need you and your investment of resources. We need your leadership. Share your blessings with us as we take these programs to even greater heights, serve more people and create more successes.

We are grateful for what so many have done and I am excited about what lies ahead.


Msgr. Robert McDermott

Monsignor Robert T. McDermot (Father Bob) 1942-2019