2019 Hand Up Gala

If you would like a copy of a photo taken at the 2019 Hand Up Gala please contact the Joseph Fund at transformation@tjfoc.org. Please submit your first and last names, contact phone number and email address when requesting a photo to be sent.

Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Photo Credit: Jack Elberson of J Elberson Photography

IMG 0149-2-1920w
IMG 0128-2-1920w
IMG 9272-1920w
IMG 9240-1920w
IMG 9254-1920w
IMG 9239-1920w
IMG 0153-2-1920w
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IMG 0156-2-1920w
IMG 0177-2-1920w
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IMG 9280-1920w
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IMG 0154-2-1920w
IMG 0138-2-1920w
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IMG 9228-1920w
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IMG 9297-1920w
IMG 0129-2-1920w
IMG 9209-1920w
IMG 0133-2-1920w
IMG 9296-1920w
IMG 9232-1920w
IMG 9227-1920w
IMG 9284-1920w
IMG 9300-1920w
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IMG 9222-1920w
IMG 0168-2-1920w
IMG 9233-1920w
IMG 9224-1920w
IMG 0189-2-1920w
IMG 9292-1920w
IMG 9305-1920w
IMG 0137-2-1920w
IMG 0124-2-1920w
IMG 9302-1920w
IMG 9289-1920w
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IMG 0167-2-1920w
IMG 0182-2-1920w
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IMG 9285-1920w
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IMG 9293-1920w
IMG 0164-2-1920w
IMG 9281-1920w
IMG 9287-1920w
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IMG 9306-1920w
IMG 0140-2-1920w