Who We Support

A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out

Our Educational Partners

The Joseph Fund currently partners with institutions committed to providing high-quality, safe, and structured learning environments. Contact any of the following organizations to learn more about our tuition and scholarship assistance programs.

The Child Development Center

At St. Joseph’s Child Development Center, children experience a loving devotion to their physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development through a dedicated staff of certified, experienced, and compassionate professionals.

  • Always enrolled at capacity of 90 = overwhelming unmet need
  • Year-round services from 7:30 am- 5:30 pm, including meals, is currently underfunded
  • Curricula include language skills, computer skills, reading, math, art, science
  • 10 years with no staff turnover (excludes retirements)
  • Govt. funding through Camden Board of Education and State of New Jersey
  • Recent government funding shortfall requires a co-pay, leading some families to withdraw


For more information about The Child Development Center call 856-963-9202
or email.

Saint Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral School

“Lighting the way to excellence.” To its students and their families, as well as to its east Camden neighbors near Dudley Park, St. Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral is a beacon of light. Student enrichment activities before, during, and after school hours reinforce the emphasis on academic achievement.

  • Founding member of Catholic Partnership schools
  • 251 total students; 100 attend after-school and another 30 attend “SOARing through the summer” programs
  • 98% daily attendance rate
  • 100% graduate & attend HS; 100% made freshmen honors in 2016 and 90+% “on to college” rate
  • $8500 cost per student each year; average family pays $1200 per student
  • $70K – 100K raised annually through The Joseph Fund’s “sponsor a student” Program for tuition assistance


For more information about Saint Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral, visit www.cspstjoepro.org.

Camden Catholic High School

Camden Catholic is the flagship Catholic high school in the Diocese of Camden. Founded in 1887, CCHS has sent more students onto college than any other school in South Jersey, and proudly continues to do so well into the 21st century with our most recent class of 2022 earning over $26 million in college scholarships and grants. Our alumni rank as the largest, and most passionate group among area schools, and our traditions of Honor, Faith and Loyalty extend through generations.

Gloucester Catholic High School

Gloucester Catholic High School is a co-educational six-year Roman Catholic high school located in Gloucester City, in Camden County, New Jersey, operating under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Camden. The school serves students in seventh through twelfth grades. Its mission is to empower young men and women to develop in all aspects of life: spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, social, and physical.