Transforming Lives Through Access to Quality Education

We are excited to announce a renewed focus for The Joseph Fund of Camden (TJFOC).  Beginning this year, the Joseph Fund will continue to align its efforts with the vision of its founder and focus exclusively on providing educational opportunities to the children and families of Camden, NJ.  While these changes are significant, we want you to know that they were made with careful consideration, research, and strategic discussions.

As you my already know, Father Bob, TJFOC’s founder, believed true and sustainable transformation began with an investment in education; education of Camden’s youth, their families and the community at large. Because of this, the TJFOC Board of Directors has made the decision to focus our fundraising efforts and support on education, with a specific emphasis on assisting families with tuition and scholarship opportunities.

This decision did not come easy, but we truly believe by providing the lifetime gift of education, we can enable and inspire true transformation for those that need our help most. The information below provides a glimpse of the disparities these families face and the areas where we can have the greatest impact.

Did You Know?

According to the 2020 census, only 68% of Camden’s populations have a high school diploma. In addition, Camden has a dropout rate of 32%, one of the highest among local, state, and nationwide statistics.

The city has also become known as one of the most violent and disadvantaged communities in the United States and the most dangerous city in the state of New Jersey. Because of the high crime rates, Camden has seen a significant decrease in its residencies. It does not help that the median household income is only $27,000, that’s 56% lower compared to the nation’s average of $62,000.

Along with these statistics, the average cost of tuition for child development centers and elementary schools in New Jersey is $9,593 (about $50 a day) and $18,768 ($100 a day) for high schools. Between the cost of tuition and the average household income, parents that want to provide their children with the quality education they need are not able to afford it. Studies show that 30% of children raised in poverty do not finish high school and those that do not have a high school diploma are 7 times more likely to continue living in poverty. It also shows that those that complete fewer years of schooling earn a much lower income than those living above the poverty line.

Understanding the impact of their environment and economic standing, The Joseph Fund believes in the transformative power that lies within education. With our new direction and focus on education, we are excited to continue serving the community, especially to be providing the youth of Camden with access to quality education to broaden their opportunities in and out of the classroom.

How You Can Help

Help us carry on Father Bob’s legacy and transform lives! Contributions, small or large, support Camden’s youth in achieving quality education that will open the door to endless opportunities in and out of the classroom. Looking for other ways to transform lives? You can make a difference by volunteering on a committee!

While we recognize these changes may have come as a surprise to you, the TJFOC Board of Directors and the new TJFOC Team is available for any clarifying questions or concerns you may have. In the meantime, thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to elevating the lives of Camden’s youth.