The Procacci Family Summer Enrichment Program is back!

On Tuesday, The Joseph Fund celebrated the return of the Procacci Family Summer Enrichment Program and welcomed the new class of Scholars! This joint initiative from The Joseph Fund and the Procacci Family provides crucial support for Camden students’ summer care, ensuring they have a safe and enriching environment throughout the break.

As an early morning pick-me-up, The Joseph Fund board members shared coffee with caregivers and donuts with our favorite “Munchkins.” The school came alive as more and more students were dropped off for another day of learning. Joseph Fund Scholars also received crayons and coloring books featuring their favorite characters to keep their creativity flowing back home! Parents who had a few minutes before heading to work also had the opportunity to learn more, in their preferred language, about how our non-profit can transform their child’s year-round schooling.

We want to thank the exceptional teachers and staff members who help each and every one of our Scholars thrive. Their dedication to fostering academic, social, and emotional growth in our students and balancing multiple languages is truly commendable. The staff’s tireless efforts to build a safe and supportive learning environment has changed so many lives in the city of Camden. Another special thank you goes to our board members and special guest Shelly Hink for making a great day at school even sweeter!

When you see the children’s smiles and the parents’ appreciation for this program, remember that it’s all possible because of your support. Thank you for making a difference in their lives.